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If you can not find the answer to your question, you can email us at info@loginbycall.com

What is LoginByCall authorization?

This is a way to quickly authorize or register a user by calling his phone. The penetration of mobile communication is more than 100% and is available to any Internet user.
At the same time, the user does not need to remember passwords and he can always be easily authorized.

How is your service better than logging in by password, via SMS or social network?

When using a password, the user either sets a password too simple and is easy to pick up, or complex and reliable, but then it is easy to forget. This causes inconvenience to the user.
Authorization via SMS is often too expensive and SMS can come with a significant delay.
Authorization through social networks is used by no more than 60% of users, because many do not want to give access to their profile and friends list.
LoginByCall is significantly cheaper than SMS, the call comes quickly, the user only reports his number and does not need to remember the passwords while maintaining high user data security.

What if I lost my phone number?

Option 1: you can enter your personal account by password. In the settings section, change the phone number to a new one.
Option 2: contact your service provider’s phone service and lock the SIM card. Recover lost SIM card.
Option 3: write a letter to the support service LoginByCall at admin@LoginByCall.com describing the situation and indicating your registration data.

Is it possible to further authenticate clients to the MAC address so that I do not enter a permanent password?

No, this possibility is not provided, as it contradicts to decisions No. 758 of July 31, 2014 and No. 801 of August 12, 2014. After all, the mac-address can easily be faked, besides the client who connected to the hotspot today, tomorrow can sell your device from which the Internet connection to another person has been made, and accordingly a person can on behalf of the former owner go to the Internet through your device.

How much does a service cost?

The basic cost of the service is indicated in the section Prices .
Also, you can contact us to discuss the individual terms of cooperation.

What do I need to do to start using the service?

If you use CMS WordPress, then install our plugin from the store of WordPress. If your site is written on another system, then you need to conduct integration or order integration for your system from us. Example code you can use from the plugin for WordPress.

I want to participate in the LoginByCall.com affiliate program
In which countries does the service work?

The service is provided on the territory of Russia to all subscribers of cellular communication networks in Russia.
At present, we do not guarantee the operation of the service in other territories.

What is included in each tariff?

For authorization on the Web site:
one tariff corresponds to one second-level domain.